Leuprolide Mega Study





Treatment Effectiveness

User reported effectiveness ratings Leuprolide for various conditions.

Conditions Major Improvement Moderate Improvement Much Worse No Effect Worse Responses
Endometriosis 14% 43% 0% 43% 0% 7

Side Effects

User-reported side effects of Leuprolide

Side Effect Percent of Reports Leuprolide
Diarrhea 38%
Acne 35%
Constipation 69%
Depression 76%
Rosacea 0%
Urinary Incontinence 17%
Absence of Menstrual Periods in Women 89%
Actually I Now Take Nuvigil Which Is the Same Medicine With Just a Variant of the Same Chemical 0%
Anxiety or Nervousness 69%
Arms and Legs Tingle and Feel Creepy Crawly 20%
Bleeding, Bruising, Burning, Pain, Pressure, Itching, Swelling, or Redness at the Place Where the Im 6%
Breast Tenderness or Change in Breast Size in Both Men and Women 44%
Change in Weight 83%
Chills Sweats on First Night 20%
Decrease in Sexual Desire in Men and Women or Ability to Perform in Men 81%
Decrease in Size of Testicles 0%
Difficulty Concentrating 76%
Difficulty Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep 75%
Difficulty With Memory 81%
Dizziness 59%
Firmness or Hardness at Subcutaneous Injection Spot 19%
Flu-Like Symptoms 47%
Hair Loss 31%
Hot Flashes (A Sudden Wave of Mild or Intense Body Heat) 95%
Improved Breathing 0%
Increase in Appetite 29%
Increased Need to Urinate, Especially at Night 53%
Intolerance/Allergy 0%
Itching, Swelling, Burning, Stinging, Pain, Bruising, Redness, or Development of a Sore at Injection 29%
Loss of Appetite 38%
Low Energy 100%
Low Levels of Energy - Always 88%
Muscle Fatigue/trembling 70%
Over-Stimulated Leading to Crash 0%
Pain in GI Tract 40%
Prozac; Hyperstimulated Causing Crash 0%
Reduced Pain 58%
Seratonin Storm 0%
Severe Stomach Pain 40%
Sores in Nose and Mouth 22%
Spotting (Light Vaginal Bleeding) 41%
Suicidal 0%
Sweating or Night Sweats 89%
Swelling of the Hands, Feet, Ankles, or Lower Legs 25%
Too Wired to Sleep 0%
Vaginal Discharge, Dryness, or Itching in Women 59%
Vomiting 24%
Weakness 75%
Wired 0%
Tiredness 94%
Headache 80%
Insomnia 20%
Nausea 71%
Muscle Aches 76%

Below is the degree of change seen after Leuprolide is higher than average.

Below is the change in the listed outcome after is higher than average.
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Change in the listed outcome after is higher than average.

Leuprolide Info

Property Value
Variable Name Leuprolide
Aggregation Method SUM
Analysis Performed At 2020-05-04
Duration of Action 21 days
Filling Value 0
Minimum Allowed Value 0 count
Number of Aggregate Predictors 0
Number of Aggregate Outcomes 0
Number of Measurements 0
Number of Measurements (including those generated by tagged, joined, or child variables) 0
Public true
Onset Delay 30 minutes
Unit Count
User Variables 0
Variable Category Treatments
Variable ID 94162