Morphine Mega Study





Treatment Effectiveness

User reported effectiveness ratings Morphine for various conditions.

Conditions Major Improvement Moderate Improvement Much Worse No Effect Worse Responses
Migraine 27% 34% 11% 23% 5% 173

Side Effects

User-reported side effects of Morphine

Side Effect Percent of Reports Morphine
Nervousness 19%
Diarrhea 0%
Constipation 52%
Dry Mouth 33%
Changes in Ability to Taste Food 12%
Chills 12%
Confusion 39%
Decreased Sexual Desire or Ability 33%
Difficulty Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep 19%
Difficulty Urinating or Pain When Urinating 11%
Dizziness 60%
Double Vision 12%
Drowsiness 79%
Eye Movements That You Cannot Control 2%
Flu Symptoms 3%
Lightheadedness 75%
Loss of Appetite 41%
Mood Changes 25%
Red Eyes 9%
Shaking of a Part of Your Body That You Cannot Control 5%
Small Pupils (Black Circles in the Middle of the Eyes 7%
Stiff Muscles 10%
Sweating 21%
Vomiting 17%
Weakness 42%
Weight Loss 9%
Headache 29%
Nausea 40%
Agitation 21%

Below is the degree of change seen after Morphine is higher than average.

Below is the change in the listed outcome after is higher than average.
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Change in the listed outcome after is higher than average.

Morphine Info

Property Value
Variable Name Morphine
Aggregation Method SUM
Analysis Performed At 2020-05-05
Duration of Action 21 days
Filling Value 0
Minimum Allowed Value 0 count
Number of Aggregate Predictors 0
Number of Aggregate Outcomes 0
Number of Measurements 0
Number of Measurements (including those generated by tagged, joined, or child variables) 0
Public true
Onset Delay 30 minutes
Unit Count
User Variables 0
Variable Category Treatments
Variable ID 94440